Friday, April 29, 2011

More Alban and Reinforcements by Post

And here is the rest of my latest batch.  Once again, these are Alban miniatures.  I love these minis.  To me, these are the most realistic looking sculpts I've ever owned.  These lads were packed off to Reinforcements by Post and processed within a week.  Another real good experience with a couple of my favorite vendors.
Regular Line Voltigeurs.

The Harris and Hagman personality figures that were recently released.


  1. Cool. Rifleman Harris 'Jason Salkey' was at Salute 2001 this month.

  2. Cool beans. So does he game? It would be fun to play Sharps Rifles with him in the group. I can hear it now:
    "As a matter of fact LTL Dad, I DO have some experience with the Baker Rifle you twit!"

  3. Steve from our group got to shake Jason Salkey's hand when accepting a prize for our Towton game. He has not been coherent since!

    While I'm here, I have listed you for the viral "Stylish Blogger Award" on account of your excellent battle reports, details here:

  4. we got to play with all some of these figs yesterday and they do look great (both the sculpts and the painting)!