Sunday, April 17, 2011

Darth Maul Returns - Episode 3

Darth Maul is at it again in his relentless bid to exact vengeance on all remaining Jedis.  Unfortunately for him, he has crossed paths with Lord Vader much earlier than he wanted.  This makes for a much harder road back to prominence.  If your tuning in late, go check out the earlier reps in the series.


  1. You put a lot of work into that, not only the great looking table and figs but the report...respect!

  2. Fantastic! I can't wait for the next instalment.

  3. Actually, even with the large number of troops, this game only took about an hour. It was all professional gamers (me and the kids)
    Using comic life, I probably took around a half hour to rep it.

    We've already played episode 4, I'll try to rep it tonight or Wednesday. It was played by the big boys, and I think it is more juvenile than what the kids generally turn out.

  4. Another fine batrep! How are you doing the Force powers - Challenges?

  5. These Star Wars Batreps are superb. Please keep 'em coming sir!

  6. We are using challenges vs the quality. Positive and negative outcomes by situation.

    This series is going to run until one of two things happens:
    a) Darth Maul gets whacked.
    b) Darth Maul gets his revenge and eliminates all other Jedis, good or evil and takes over the galaxy.
    c) If by some horrible freak of of the luck Gods, Luke Skywalker manages to live or do something great, I will probably give up gaming forever.

  7. Maybe I should have said: "one of three things"

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