Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Darth Maul Returns - Episode 1

Was goofing around with my kid last weekend and played a few skirmish games with Star Wars minis.  As usual we were too lazy to take down the table we used for other periods so we wound up with another strange setting.
We were testing out rules for light saber wielding maniacs and so Darth Maul became the natural first choice.  This was the last game we played and we are planning to keep the storyline for a while.


  1. Really entertaining, good batrep, Darth Maul is a badass, I like those figures and the scenery was fine, I spent most of my time reading the captions.

  2. Not the kind of scenery you'd expect to see a Star Wars battle fought on... but oddly enough, it works! Nice one, Willy!

  3. you make me want some star wars minis...

  4. The one thing I have found to be consistently true is that Stormtroopers just look good in the photographs. These Wizard models have pretty good poses too which makes it fun.

    Our group has been working out some home mash rules for a while now and we are addicted to them. Jedis are a new challenge. In this scenario Darth Maul actually came close to taking a couple of shots in the arse with the high quality opponents but he prevailed. I think we are getting close because a lesser Jedi would probably have gone down here.

  5. This is cool. I ditto TAL's comments re: the captions. I do actually play Star Wars Miniatures myself.

    If you are interested in the 'vanilla' game check out the Minis Mayham (sic) podcast on the D20 radio network.