Monday, April 4, 2011

MAG CON 3 Weekend Gaming

This past weekend we had Mag Con 3, a local convention put on by my friend Justo.  I have been horribly sick with a serious bronchial infection for weeks now which has slowed my gaming down seriously.  However, I just had to get some games in.  I put on only two games this time.  Song of Drums and Shakos by Sergio  which is always very popular.  Once again the Frogs and Grasshoppers had a go and we had some great gaming with 8 players at the table.  The second game I ran was Ed Texeira's Nuts! from Two Hour Wargames  which is one of the great skirmish rules for quick and entertaining games.  THW games using the Chain Reaction system are probably the best convention games around.  I didn't run ATZ this time around as one of the other lads had it covered.
Skirmish gaming is a blast, and always a lot of fun at conventions because players get to finish the games and not think too hard while they chat and throw the dice.
Some Legere rummaging around to see what can be looted.

Rifles coming on the scene.

My new grenadiers getting some action.

These Victrix poses look pretty good.

Peek a boo, I see you!

Grasshoppers taking cover.

Rifles steadily moving up.

I never get tired of looking at a good table.  Here are some of Kurts superbly painted Rifles in action.

George's crack shot Tommies got the ball rolling with some wicked shooting early on. 

Actually, his dice were hot the whole game.

But eventually Jonathon's Krauts started to come alive and the action got fierce.

These guys are fun players because they don't sit around and wait for things to happen.  Up close and personal!

We saw some good bayonet charges, or at least attempts!

And lots of good old fashioned grenade duals.  We even had some prisoner taking this game.

It took a while for Jonathon to get his MG-42 section into action, but once it did, it had a commanding presence.

George kept his lads spread out and effective on the attack.  What a novel idea!

George's Yanks were doing pretty good until a grizzled German NCO decided to go into Rambo mode.  This guy was single handedly kicking some serious arse.

But the Allies kept nibbling away at the spread out Germans.

Here's that maniac German NCO on his path of destruction.  He finally took a hit and went OOF and I think George's Allies were breathing a sigh of relief.


  1. What are these mini's manufacters?

  2. Wow looks like some great games. I really enjoy your terrain. Did you make or buy those stone walls? I'd love to get my hands on some.

  3. Ahh, the age old dreaded question. People always ask where I get my stuff and I never know. Sort of pathetic, I know.

    The only thing I know for sure is that the Napoleonic miniatures are all Alban Miniatures except for those Grenadiers which are Victrix plastics.
    The WW2 minis and the buildings are all horse trades and I don't know.
    The mat is terrain guy, and some of the trees are home made and some of them are from christmas goodies at the dollar store.
    Oh, and the rivers are from Wargamer's Terrain and there is a link on this page.

    Can anyone help me out on those WW2 miniatures?

  4. The World War 2 buildings are from Acheson Creations and painted by Evil Bob.

  5. Cool looking table. Great stuff.

  6. I had a ton of fun. You had to see Willie's face when I said I wanted to assault. "Really? You have a gun you know." Haha!