Wednesday, December 2, 2009

LTL Mom - Her New Look

I finally got a chance to start painting some of the new lead that came in from Copplestone Castings.  After drooling over Vampifan's reviews I simply could not stand it any longer and had to follow suit.  Here is the first of Mom's new figures complete with her No Bozos shirt and ready for some butt kicking action.  This is the Werewolf Hunter figure from Copplestone.  I am not a very good painter and cannot do justice to these figures.  Copplestone delivers very, very high quality product, and I'd like to add that their customer service is excellent.  I had a small mix up on my first order and Mark was super attentive and professional.  I highly recommend these figures.

While I'm at it, here's some pics from some some of the other Copplestone sets.  Here's the Cops with handguns.

Some Scavengers.  I really love the Scavengers.

More Scavengers.

Corporate Babes.  I think LTL Mom should get some work outfits like this!


  1. Keep the No Bozo Shirt. Its a great tie in to "reality".

    - John Paul

  2. I love the new figure you've got for mum, and the T-shirt is a nice touch. She deserves an upgrade after all the sterling work she's done so far - zombie killer supreme!
    I have all the figures you've shown above as I too, am a big fan of Mark Copplestone's work. He may be lacking in numbers for zombies but he's a great source for survivor types.