Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ATZ Batrep - Warehouse Raid Take 2

After the disastrous attempt to raid the warehouse, Mags has decided to call it quits but Dad and Nick are fighting mad and ready for another go.  Here they go again!  They move towards the warehouse and see no Zeds.

Dad and Nick are still Rep 3 no weapons.Suburban area again, Daytime.
Group fast moves onto table. Rolls 5,5,2 (gets extra die for LDR)   pass 1 (rep or lower)
Roll 2D6 for Zed placement, need 5+ but roll 4,1 so no Zeds at start.
Activation - Zed 2 Dad 3 but there are no Zeds.  You still roll in case of random encounter though (doubles)

Nick and Dad burst into the warehouse and find themselves in the office.  It is empty!  They search for loot and find nothing.

Building whats inside check - rolled 6,4 so it is 10 -1 for daytime =9 which means chance 1/2D6 Zeds
we roll a 1 so there are no Zeds.
Check for loot -2D6 Dad rolls 11, and then 1 which is fuel but it does not apply to this area so nothing. Nick rolls a 4 and gets nothing.

Feeling a bit braver they move off into the warehouse proper and find three Zeds milling about.  Nick goes OOF in the melee!

As we move to warehouse we do another whats inside check.  Roll 2D6 and add result together 5,5 =10-1 for daytime so there is chance of 1/2D6 Zeds. We roll a 6 so there are 3 Zeds.  We now roll for surprise 1D6+3 for number of Zedsthey roll 2 and add 3 for 5 surprise total.  Dad and Nick each roll a D6 and add it to their Rep (3) and they get a 8 and 6 so neither are surprised.
Since there are 3 Zeds and we need to split them up against Dad and Nick we roll a die to see who gets to fight two (house rule) and Nick is unlucky.
Nick has 4D6 (3 from his Rep and +1 for Brawler Attribute) He uses 2D6 on each Zed.
On first Zed, Zed gets a 5 (Zeds always get only one 1D6 in melee) and Nick rolls a 5 and 6 so neither one roll any successes and they are matched for this activation.
Then on second Zed, Zed gets a 2 and Nick gets a 4 and 5 so Zed has one success and Nick none, so Nick is OOF.
Dad also rolls 4D6 for same reason as Nick. Dad rolls 3,3,2,5 and Zed rolls 2 (all successes except for the 5) so Dad will roll 3 die again and the Zed rolls 1 and this time Dad gets a 3, 5,6 (one success) and the Zed gets a 5 (no success) and the Zed goes OOF
new activation Zed 4 Dad 3, so Zeds go first

Dad finally manages to kill off the Zeds and tries to see if Nick can regain consciousness.  He doesn't.  Even worse, Dad cannot find anything good to loot either.

First Zed rolls a 6 and Dad rolls 2,3 (he uses 2D6 only because he has to split against both Zeds) Zed is OOF
Second Zed rolls 6 and Dad rolls 4,6 so no success and matched for this activation
New activation Zed 6 Dad 3 - Dad goes first, Zed cannot activate because higher than his Rep (4)
Dad attacks single Zed now with all 4D6 and gets 6,4,3,2 Zed gets 6 Dad has 2 more successes and Zed is OOF
Dad checks for loot 2D6 and gets a 3 and 2 so nothing

 Dad moves deeper into the warehouse and finds a Survivor hiding in the shadows.  Dad tries to join up with him but he is having none of it.  He saw what happened to Nick and decided he was safer without Dad's help.

Activate Zed 4 Dad 3
Dad fast moves rolls 3D6 (born leader attribute or LDR die bonus) 2,2,1 so can double move with pass 2
With this large warehouse it counts as second area so Dad rolls for whats inside again 4,4 (-1 for daytime) = 7 so there is chance of humans. He rolls a 2 so there is one human. Then we roll on who they are table (page 41 and get a 6 so it is a survivor.  Then go to list page 8 and rolled a 5 so it is experienced Rep 4 and then rolled weapon 6 and then rolled 1 so it is machine pistol armed. Now go to meet & greet table and rolled 3D6 for Dad and 4D6 for Survivor.  Dad rolls 2,3,6 (2 success) and Survivor rolls 1,1,2,5 (3 success) so now Dad re-rolls 2D6 and Survivor re-rolls 3D6 and Dad gets 4,6 ( no success) and Surv gets 1,5,5 (1 success) so he will not join but will let Dad go in peace and may barter.
Activate Zed 2 Dad 3 - Dad goes to loot truck container and finds soldier with same process and result as with Survivor.

Dad starts to loot the trucks parked in the loading bays but finds nothing but a scared soldier hiding in one of them.  The soldier shoos Dad off at gunpoint, but luckily Dad is unharmed.

Activate Zed 4 Dad 6 - No Zeds and Dad Rep too low to activate so nothing this activation
Activate Zed 4 Dad 3 - No Zeds Dad checks for whats inside and then loot like before but nothing.

While attempting to loot one of the trucks Dad somehow manages to start a fire!  This attracts a couple of Zeds who had not previously noticed him..

Activate Zed 1 Dad 1 - Doubles means random occurrence and it turns out to be fire (page 51) roll for 2D6 of Zeds and get a 5 and 6 so it is two Zeds, then roll for where to place and I get a 3,3 so they both come from right side of table and are place 12" away.

Dad is a bit confused and blinded from the glare of the fire.  The Zeds start moving closer..

Activate Zeds 3 Dad 6 - Zeds move Dad don't
Activate Zeds 3 Dad 1 - Both activate but Zeds go first
Dad rolls 2D6 +1D6 LDR bonus for fast move and gets 5,5,6 passes 0 die for fast move
Activate Zed 4 Dad 4 - Rdm Occurrence - keys in ignition, doesn't apply

Dad decides it is time to go.  He runs over to Nick and picks him up to carry him off.

Activate Zed 1 Dad 4 - Dad doesn't move

The Zeds keep coming on..

Dad has trouble getting Nick, and a Zed charges!  The Zed goes down.

Activate Zed 4 Dad 1 - Zed move first, charges Dad
Dad rolls 4D6 (rep3 + 1 for brawler attribute) Zed 1D6 Dad gets 1,3,4,6, Zed 2 so they reroll successes
Dad rolls 2D6 Zed 1D6 Dad gets 1,2 Zed gets 5 Dad has 2 more successes and Zed is dead

Dad is finally on his way but he is slowed down while carrying Nicks unconscious body.

Activate Zed 2 Dad 3

They make it out of the warehouse and out into the parking lot.

Activate Zed 6 Dad 2

Oh no, just when he thought he was home free, a car alarm goes off and attracts a Zed!

Activate Zed 1 Dad 1 - Random Occurr - Car alarm goes off - roll for 6D6 of Zeds (5+ generates because suburban area)
Rolled 1,1,2,4,4,6 so only one Zed, Then rolled for place and get a 1 which is top of table, 12" away from Dad.
Activate Zed 2 Dad 3

And then a dropped cell phone decides this is a good time to go off too.  You know, sometimes I think that Dad and Nick are just hopelessly snake bit.  But believe it or not, this time they actually get away!
Unfortunately Nick has been infected and Dad has to cap him.  Bummer.

Activate Zed 1 Dad 1 - doubles so roll for random occur - rolled a 6 so keys ignition, don't apply.
Activate Zed 5 Dad 5 - doubles random again - get a 12 and cell phone goes off but roll a 2 for Zeds and no Zed attracted.
Activate Zed 5 Dad 2 - Dad gets t move and Zeds don't.


  1. Thanks for the running series. The explinations really show how the game works

    Thanks and keep up the good work


  2. The dice can be so cruel, can't they?! I wonder how things would have turned out if Supermum had been there; probably a lot different. Your reports are hugely entertaining and it is always a pleasure to read them. Keep up the good work and may the dice gods smile on you!

  3. Thanks guys.
    Vamp, I think your right about Mum, her luck is pure Witchcraft. I'm trying to get her out of sickbed because she is supposed to go to MagCon on Saturday. Don't want to miss that.
    I'm hoping to get Batreps of the games there.

  4. Thanks so very much for taking the time to post the rolls and everything. This example is so helpful in showing how the game really runs. I've had BDTZ for awhile, but haven't gotten past reading over the rules yet. This really clicks things for me.