Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ATZ Batrep - Warehouse Raid

Dad and the kids were having ATZ withdrawals so we decided to have a quick go.  I wanted to try out the new warehouse I built, and Joe from the THW Yahoo group had requested a detailed batrep complete with rolls etc.. so any excuse will do.  This warehouse was my first attempt at trying to copy Vampifan's thick and sturdy walls.  It is not anywhere close to his standards but I am quite happy with it as I think it will hold up very well over time.  LTL Mom is sick in bed so she couldn't be here to bail us out, but Mags is back.  All three of us are Rep 3 still and have no weapons.  I am learning that ATZ is VERY difficult played like this.  I told Nick that after tonight he can start with higher stats and weapons because I think he's getting a bit frustrated.  Ten year old boys simply like to blow things up.  Frankly, I'm surprised he's put up with my hard core games this long.  I'm just stubborn, I figure if Mom can do it, I have to keep trying till I do too!
I'm putting the main story on top and the details below so it doesn't read so choppy, and you can ignore the math if not interested.  Here goes..

The first turn our little group (Dad3, Nick3, and Mags2) fast moves onto the map and a couple of Zeds appear in the distance.

All players are Rep 3 and have no weapons!
Fast move roll 3D6 (get extra die for LDR) 1,2,6 = pass 2 (plus Dad has Born Leader attribute so group acts as him anyway)
Zed Placement - roll 1D6 for each player, Zeds on 5+ for suburban, rolled 4,6,6 so two Zeds. Then rolled 1,2 so both come from top of table.

 Well, it's starting early tonight.  We botch the activation roll right from the start.

First activation roll - Zeds 2, Us 5 so we go first but since we Rep 3 we cannot move.  Then Zeds activate and move 6" towards us (the nearest chow in LOS)

Oh man, it IS going to be another one of those nights!  Another bad activation.  Our little group hesitated in indecision and got caught!  Nick3 is the only one in contact and has to fend off the charge alone.  He downs a Zed but then goes OOF himself. 

Activation roll was Zeds 2, Us 5 again!  So we milled around and they charged.  Since we are all Stars we do not have to roll for being charged, we can choose result.  We decide pass 2 and melee the Zeds.  If we had weapons we could have fired first.
Nick melees against 2 Zeds.  He gets 4D6 because he's Rep 3 and he has +1D6 for Brawler attribute. He has to split his dice against the Zeds and decides to apply 2D6 on each.
First Zed roll:  Nick rolls 3,2 and Zed rolls 2  These are all successes so they both re-roll all these die.
Second roll:  Nick 1,2 and Zed 5 so nick gets 2 successes and Zed none.  Zed is OD
Second Zed melee:  Nick rolls 4,4 and Zed rolls 1 so Zed has one more success and Nick is OOF
Now a "Man down" reaction test would be in order except we are all Stars and can choose result.

And now we get another lousy activation so the Zed goes first and starts to munch on Nick and now Dad3 and Mags2 have to "See the Feast".  Err.. they don't do so well.  They lose their wits and run off to hide and hunker down.

Next activation is Zeds 2, Us 5 again!  This means Zed goes first, (we can't activate because our roll of 5 is higher than our Rep)  he starts to feast on Nick3.  We roll 1D6 to see how many turns the feast will last and get a 3.
So now we roll 6,3 and check "see the feast" table and pass 1D6 so we have to duck back and take insanity test.  I moved us behind the building corner and we roll 6,2 on insanity test, which means we passed 1D6 and have to hunker down.
Next activation roll is Zed 6 Us 5 so nobody goes.
Next activation roll is 3,3 so there is a random occurrence.  Roll on table page 51 and got 6,2 for a total of 8 which means someone shoots at shadows but we have no guns and disregard this.
So re-roll activation and get Zed 6, Us 4 so nobody activates again.
Next activation roll is 1,1 so random occurrence again.  Roll 2D6, get 5,1 so total of 6 which is "left keys in ignition" if we had a car.  Disregard.

It's not long before the Zed finishes his feast and goes to where he last saw us.  Since we are hunkered down in panic we are Zombie chow.
It took about 10 minutes to setup the table and no more than 15 to 20 minutes to play.

Next activation - Zeds 4, Us 6 so Zed moves to where he last had LOS to us and now he's back in LOS.
Since both Dad and Maggie are hunkered down there is no way for us to rally.  We might be able to retire from a charge etc.. but decided to call it quits and give the Zed a good dinner.


  1. I just read you batrep that you mentioned in the THW forum. Nice build in the warehouse. I've had my outside walls done for awhile, but haven't finished putting it together. You've inspired me, so maybe I'll get it done sometime. Again, great build.


  2. I think that I might be going to the FLGS to buy some new dice after these last two encounters.

  3. How funny...
    In one of the photos it looks like a zombie is waving! LOL!
    Great Battle REP!
    I think people will get more out of them when you incorporate the dice rolls and all the detail.
    Plus, they are so entertaining to read! Just great Fun!
    Also, the walls look great, I think I will start doing mine with this type of material. Where did you get it? Can you give a little info on the type of cardboard?

  4. Thanks. I have a lot of fun doing these but the details are hard to do.
    On the walls, check Vampifans site link from this page and also I just posted on the THW forum the same issue, I have just copied it here:

    I think it is also called mounting board. Vamp said his is about 2mm which is
    about .080" thick. I think the stuff I found at the local art supply store is a
    bit over .060" so would be closer to 1/16".
    I am thinking that you could find it at granny stores like Michaels and Hobby
    Lobby. I will be checking WalMart first chance I get as I was able to find
    pretty cheap foam board there for my bases and floors.
    There are a couple of tricks to gluing all this stuff and you can view a long
    thread on the World Works forum called "The definitive glue thread". Lots of
    info there.
    For gluing large areas I use a couple of different methods from glue sticks to a
    glue roller.
    For gluing fiddly things and walls etc.. I use a glue you can get at WalMart
    called Aleen's Quick Dry Tacky Glue. It is the one in the grey and purple
    bottle. They make a lot of different glues but the quick dry is simply great.
    You can hold a couple of pieces of paper together for just a few seconds and it
    is set. It is my secret weapon as I can glue these walls edge to edge and they
    stay in place and believe me when it cures it is really strong.

  5. Another good report, all the better for incorporating your dice rolls I think. Thanks for the extra traffic to my own site. You are doing a first class job with your own blog. I'll reciprocate by adding your blog site to my own list of favourites.
    Nice work on the warehouse. It looks strong and sturdy, which is what you want if you intend to keep on using it. My dimensions for the thickness of art board were only approximate. I suspect your measurements are more accurate.