Thursday, December 24, 2009

ATZ Batrep - Christmas #2, Women Drivers!

The plot thickens:
After hunkering down for the night in their secure hiding place, LTL Mom and her group scoot out of town with Santa in tow, and make their way back to the camp. When they get there they find quite a surprise.  It seems that ZombieAJ has been following them ever since Mom went back for the family.  Hmm, I wonder if she just didn't see him, or if there is a more nefarious reason for not noticing him?  In any case, he's baaaaaaaaack..   Bobby's two nieces (Alex & Gabi) arrive in the night and they are escorted by Auntie LTL (Mom's alter ego for games where she is in doubt of the competency of her fellow players.  I think she's trying to keep LTL Mom alive).  They have been trying to catch up with the group since the pandemic started.  As unfair as it seems, Mom is still Rep 4.  Kind of makes you wonder what she'd be like if she ever got to 5 or 6.   Everyone else is now Rep 4 except for Dad who has managed to make Rep 5.  Mom and Bobby have "Survivor" status, while everyone else is still a Civie.

Santa hands out the presents as agreed.  He has plenty of doses of the "cure" as well as some cool weapons that were supposed to go to the Sandinistas.  Additionally, he says that Bobby and Nick have been so much better this year than normal, that he will allow them two gifts.  As tantalizing as the weapons are, everyone without exception asks for the "cure".  This means there will be some extra in stock for future use.  And best of all, Bobby finds that he is not infected after going OOF in melee with Zeds last encounter.  Santa still expects Mom to get him someplace safer as he is still very worried about the North Pole Enforcers that Mrs. C has set on his trail.  Santa says he will give the group a nice bonus if they can make it happen.

After some discussion our group decides that it will make another foray into town.  The car is almost out of gas and food is starting to run low.  LTL Mom and Maggie decide to stay in camp and keep an eye on Santa while the others all head back in to see what they can scavenge.

Here's the line up for this encounter:

All Stars, our crew of seven is ready to roll.

After initial movement and one activation our little group of marauders has made it into the woods and is hiding at the tree line.  There's almost 30 Zeds all around them so it is time for a little discussion.  A couple of mobs of Zeds have seen our Heroes but luckily the others are ambling in the other direction.  What a break!

After a LOT of arguing, the group decides to split up (here we go again..) as follows:  Bobby gives the keys to the cop car to Gabi.  He scored these last encounter but didn't use them.  Alex and Gabi carefully and quietly make their way to the car.  Meanwhile Dad, Bobby, and AJ cross the street and enter the warehouse office.  BTW, Nick and AJ didn't want anything to do with the car.  Maybe they have actually learned something finally?  The Zeds in the street are still moving away and haven't noticed anyone yet!

Auntie LTL and Nick head in the opposite direction and start to move between the buildings.  I think they have already decided a storm is coming and want to be as far away as possible from that patrol car!

As Dad, Bobby, and AJ burst into the office they see three Zeds and so our lads attack.
Dad and Bobby quickly take down their Zeds but AJ is having a spot of trouble.  He ends this activation still in melee.

Out in the parking lot Alex and Gabi have gotten into the patrol car but Gabi fumbles the keys from nervousness.  She starts feeling around the floorboard for them.  The Zeds in the street still have noticed nothing and the other mob is starting to make its way through the woods where they last saw the group.

Auntie and Nick slowly keep moving and set an ambush for three Zeds that peeled off from the mob to follow them after they saw them run across the lot.

Back in the office, AJ has finally downed his Zed while Dad and Bobby loot the office.  Dad finds some food, Bobby some keys.

Now to see how the Gabi and Alex are fairing.  They have managed to get the car running and are backing up with the intention of running down an entire mob of Zeds!

A birds eye view of the action.

With no current LOS to Auntie and Nick, the Zeds who were following them have turned around and started to head for the noise of the vehicle.  Auntie and Nick are felling pretty good about this.

As Gabi and Alex accelerate in reverse, the Zeds start charging into the slow moving vehicle in a frenzied rage!

The girls run down several Zeds and a couple of them bounce off the car stunned.

More and more Zeds start to appear as they are attracted to all the commotion.  In the distance the other mobs have now started working their way in the girl's direction.

And then disaster strikes..  The girls have run down so many Zeds that they simply could not maintain control of the vehicle.  It rolls over and squashes a multitude of Zeds, and throws several others down and stunned.
The only bright spot is that we are definitely giving "Zombie kill of the week" to Gabi and Alex, no debate.

While destruction reigns outside the warehouse, Dad, Nick, and AJ casually saunter into the warehouse proper and find a single Survivor hiding there.  She refuses to join them, but she is friendly enough otherwise.

When the patrol car overturned Gabi was unscathed, but poor Alex went OOF.  Several stunned Zeds have regained their feet and Gabi is starting to get nervous.  She tries to get Alex to regain consciousness but to no avail.  So she finally decides to pull her Sister from the car and try to carry her to safety.  Two Zeds close in and she only manages to knock down one of them and she is nearing panic.

All the while, more Zeds are converging on the unfortunate girls.

Luckily for Gabi, she activates before the Zeds and takes down the other one that stands between her and open space.

The boys are still taking it easy in the warehouse when a Zed Nun walks around the corner.

You can tell the situation is getting critical on the Zed-O-Meter when I start pulling out Heroscape Zombies to make up the numbers.  Time to make a decision Gabi!

As all these events transpire, Auntie and Nick are sneaking around the back way.  Real pros here.

The Z-Nun stands no chance against the lads.  They pound her to Zedburger.

Well look who's here!  Gabi comes busting in the warehouse side door.  She finally decided to forget about saving her Sister, and start worrying about herself.  Dad's not too happy to see her though because he knows that the Zeds will not be far behind.

I'm thinking Gabi made the right call to get off the street.  It's getting way too crowded out there.

Let the feast begin!  Poor Alex is doomed.

Auntie and Nick have started looting far from the action where it is relatively safe.  They find a solitary Zed in the building and Auntie goes to work with her Katana.

After Gabi came into the warehouse Dad decided it was time to go.  He's learning not to push his luck.  Bobby follows his lead.

Unfortunately AJ does not!  He goes up the stairs to loot and draws seven Zeds and he is surprised to boot.  I bet you can guess what transpired.

Good activations see Dad and Bobby exiting the area for successful missions.

Auntie LTL and Nick do likewise.

Even the green Gabi is getting the right idea.  The clever girl decides to go for the window instead of heading back through the warehouse.  The AJ banquet is keeping lots of Zeds busy.

Gabi decides to press her luck one last time because she wants to score a resource.  So she heads into the building on her way out of the area.  Some Zeds have seen her and are heading her way.

But her luck holds and she jumps out the window and gets away!

Not a great victory for our Heroes but it could have been a lot worse.  We lost 2 out of 7 Stars and only managed to loot a small portion of the needed supplies.  Fuel is becoming a real issue.
The saga will continue!


  1. Crikey, what a lot of zombies you used there, Willy! Given the disasters of past times I'd say the group did very well to escape with just two loses. I see why you called this encounter "Women Drivers!" Gabi well deserved her Zombie-Kill-of-the-Week award! Incidentally, which company made the figure of Gabi? She is the only figure in your report that I don't recognise. I like the look of her.
    Once again, you have produced a highly entertaining battle report. Reading about your family's adventures is such a pleasure. Keep them coming!

  2. Very entertaining Willy. Thanks. Justo

  3. Great job once again!