Sunday, November 29, 2009

ATZ Batrep - Thanksgiving Z Day +3

Well, Mom is back; she's wearing her No Bozos shirt, and she's just plain bad.  After recovering all those cool weapons and supplies, she felt that the town was about looted out.  So the next day she hit the highway and headed for another area in hope of finding more supplies, recruits, and possibly a good base to operate from.   Here we see her speeding down a deserted rural highway when she spots another vehicle coming straight at her and it changes into her lane aggressively.

Mom decides she is not taking any chances.  She slows down a bit, leans out the window, and fires off a couple of snap shots at the oncoming vehicle hoping to score a lucky hit.  Not surprisingly, she misses both shots and alerts a lone Zed that is wandering the highway.

The other car is headed straight for her at high speed, she senses that the driver is going to attempt to bash her.  What a nut!  Doesn't he know that both cars have the same bash value?  At the very last second Mom is able to swerve around the oncoming vehicle while maintaining control but then as the two cars scrape paint jobs passing each other, several shots ring out and Mom is hit.  Mom is stunned but passes her control test and skids to a safe stop.  If she was a cat, that was definitely one life.

Mom quickly recovers and blasts away at the rear of the car with her shotgun.  With amazing luck and precision both, she OD's the Ganger boss and OOFs the Banger driver causing the car to lose control and roll over.  It takes out the Zed and stuns the third banger at the same time.  Now this is a Woman who is destined for legendary Rep!

She comes to a stop and decides to use the long range capability of her SAR on the hapless rogue who is still in the car, but she keeps missing as it is a hard shot in cover.  A little more Zed activity is building.

Mom's in no hurry, she patiently stalks her prey and goes to work with her SAR.  Eventually the fool of a Banger charges her with his BAP, and this is just what she's been waiting for.  Down goes the banger.

Life is good.  Mom quickly goes to work looting the Gangers.  She wants to top off her tank with fuel too, but she needs to get the Zeds off her first.

No worries.  Mom's getting downright surgical with her weapons about now.

She knocks down the last Zed and runs up to pop the weasel and all is quiet.  Now to top off the fuel and head to the next area loaded with enough gear to equip a small army.  Dang she's good at this.


  1. Wow, much respect, mom! She rocks!

  2. Now there's a mother even a biker could love!

  3. great looking games! where can I get my hands on those print'n'build buildings and roads? they look great!