Thursday, November 26, 2009

All Things Zombie - Thanksgiving Batrep

We had our first real game of ATZ today and it was a lot of fun.  I really don't have everything finished, even the basing isn't done, but the kiddos kept nagging to have a go so we decided that this was a good time to try it.   Even Mom decided to play and she had a good time also, so that means this game is a real winner.
We are still very limited on figures, terrain and buildings for this game so I had to improvise a suitable scenario. This was also my first try at a game with players other than myself.  I didn't want to keep really nitty gritty notes for the Batrep because I wanted to game to flow fast, so here's the condensed version.

For this game we used Zeds and a couple of Stars by Cold War Minis, and some Star Wars and Heroscape minis for the other civilians.  The buildings are cardstock from Worldworks Games.  The boys decided that they were going to be real tough guys and so they discarded their 'cheating death' abilities and we all started as Rep 3 civilians with no weapons!  I figured this would be a short game :)  There were five players and the objective was to drive a vehicle off the far side of the map.

It was a regular Thanksgiving day and our five heroes were on the way back from Grandmas house.  As they approach a commercial district they find that there is a multiple car pile up in the curve.  They move around a stalled truck and find that the road is blocked.  They can't go around because there are trees and rock formations along the road.  They then notice what appears to be injured people staggering around and coming towards the car as if seeking help. Being the nice people that they are, our five heroes get out of the car to help.

The people stagger forward and Mom takes the Zed, no Zed test and passes 2d6.  Seeing the hostile intent of the Zeds the group decides to run for it across country as they have no weapons.  Dad wanted to get a tire iron out of the car but nobody was listening so he goes with the flock.

Mom and Mags see a gas station up ahead with a car parked at the pump and decide to go for it.  The others follow, falling behind as they didn't make their fast move tests.  The Zeds shamble after.

AJ actually beats everyone into the car and finds that there are no keys.  He decides to hot wire the car next activation.  While Mom and Mags are trying to get in, a zed attacks Mags from behind and with some darned lucky rolling she manages to knock the Zed out of the fight.  Nick runs to the gas station ahead of a mob of Zeds and Mom decides to move on and try for the truck.  Dad casually walks over to the Zed that Mags killed, and picks up the Big @ss pistol the Zed cop had in his holster!  Everyone is pretty mad about not thinking about this themselves.  They all have BAP envy :)

AJ is trying to hot wire the Porsch but failing.  Mags has gotten into the passenger seat and is screaming at him for failing.  Dad is heading down the road with his new BAP, and Mom and Nick are trying to hijack the big rig.  The Zeds just keep shambling closer.  And to make matters worse, box cars are rolled triggering a random event and Dad blasts off a couple of shots at "shadows" which generates more Zeds to the noise.

Some bad activation rolls see our heroes milling about in confusion and indecision, and AJ has not managed to get the car hot wired yet.  Mags is getting a bit mad and Zeds are clawing and beating the door.

Nick decides to be a stud and leaves the rig and charges a Zed.  He trips while getting out of the truck and failed his fast move and didn't make it, but then next activation he gets his first kill.  By now Mags has completely had it with AJ's inability to hot wire the car.  With Zeds swarming the vehicle on the drivers side, she ejects from the passenger side and heads for the big truck and her Mom.

AJ finally has enough and gives up on the hot wire job and heads out the passenger side and runs for the big truck too.  A mob of Zeds are hot on his trail.  After not finding any keys, and watching AJ's hot wire attempts, Mom decides to leave the truck. 

With the Zeds in close pursuit, Mom, Dad, and Mags head up the street at full speed but AJ falls behind and gets into a melee with four Zeds.  Miraculously he manages to get a matched fight out of it.  Nick is seperated and heading around the buildings on the right.

More lousy activation rolls mean that the Zeds are closing in.  AJ loses his nerve in the unequal fight and decides to pass 0d6 and retire in the hope that someone will rally him.  He hunkers down in the trees.  Meanwhile Mags is out in the open with the Zeds closing in.

This was an exciting activation.  Nick has worked his way around the building and gotten into a red sedan.  He finds a key!!!!  Mags is fighting for her life against a whole mob of Zeds.  She manages to kill another one before she herself goes down and OOF.  Mom tries to race back to rally AJ but she fails her fast move.  Dad is back and tries to rally AJ but he is still too scared and he retires again further back into the trees.  Dad decides to risk a couple of shots with his BAP because he needs to get the area clear to try to recover Mags.  He shoots one Zed in the head and knocks another down.

Finally a good activation!  Mom and Dad race over to finish of a couple of Zeds before they can feast on Mags.  They both OOF their Zeds and "pop the weasel" on the Zed who is still knocked down.  Mags also makes her recovery roll with flying colors and regains conciousness.  By now Nick has backed the car up and is screaming at everyone to get in.  AJ is still hunkered down in the trees.

After a lengthy and heated discussion of whether the group should rally AJ or just get in the car and drive off, Dad finally decides to go help him.  He tells AJ that this is his last chance, if he doesn't rally he is getting left.
He rallies!  Soon everyone is in the car and screeching off.  The shooting and the car has attracted a bunch of Zeds by this time and our heroes are glad to be moving.

Nick is accelerating and aiming for a hapless Zed in the road.  He wants to stop to loot the armory but the girls are screaming no way.  He now threatens to do it anyway and take the keys with him while he goes in and Mom promises to hot wire the car if he does.  Now you tell me if a game can get any cooler than this!?!?

A quick look around the table shows that there are a lot of Zeds on the move and our heroes are having activation troubles again.

The Zeds are everywhere!  Nick starts to think Mom is right, and that the looting may not be such a good idea afterall.

In the end, discretion wins out.  Our five heroes accelerate into the sunset and decide to come back for a try at the armory later.
Everyone had a great time and even Mom has decided that she is definitely doing this again.  Mission accomplished!


  1. What a great game, Veloci! It sounds like you all had a ton of fun. I do admire your collection of vehicles. Scale-wise they seem to fit in very well with the figures. Obviously I recognise all of the Cold War miniatures but I'm not familiar with the others, even though I have a limited amount of Star Wars figures myself. Your buildings seem to be crisply made. I often find scenery building to be a neglected part of the hobby but a well laid out gaming board can transform any game and give it that "wow" factor that just makes you want to dive in and game. Despite your limited resources, I'd say you've done a very admirable job here. Many congrats on your first foray into ATZ!

  2. Nice to see you all had FUN. I've just got these rules and painted a horde of Zeds so looking forward to a fun set of games with the other wargamers. Like the buildings, must look into getting some, were they easy to build/ construct?

    Keep up the good work and happy holiday

    Andrew ( UK)

  3. Vamp, The vehicles are something like 1:43 scale, by a brand called fast Lane. I got them at Toys R Us for about 10.00 for four of them.

    Andrew, The World Works Games buildings are not too difficult to build, but there are some tricks to it. Learning how to glue paper is the trick. To see the master at work, Google Vampifan and check out his blog. There you will find the inspiration behind my madness.
    Oh, and ATZ is the best game I have played, maybe ever.

  4. What paper models are you using i mean where did you get them. Can you post a link please?

  5. Actually lol what scale are you in and where did you get the figures and vehicles as well lol. Im a big zombie fan and im thinking of getting into ATF, for myself and my friends and id like to know where you got all the stuff in the pics. It looks like a ton of fun.

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  7. awesome, you catch the real essence of a town under siege by horde of hungry zombies, let me guess, you take the idea from resident evil? I say this for the gas station and the truck, besides I have to accept that this model can be used in the real world to glide an escape from a town infected by real zombies.
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  8. Thanks.
    I've actually never seen resident evil but got my start in Zombie gaming when I found Two Hour Wargames and then Vampifans site which is incredibly awesome. It got me hooked. Now many, many zombie games later we are still having a great time.