Thursday, September 1, 2011

Darth Maul Returns - Episode 5

Here's the latest episode of my Son's Darth Maul campaign for those of you who have been following Maul's adventures.  I'm way behind on posting due to work but will keep this thing going until Maul either bites the dust or takes over the galaxy.  So far he's had a hell of a ride since coming out of retirement.

The Geonosian made a quality increase this game from Crack (9) to Elite (10).  For comparison, Bossk and Dengar are Notorious (11) and Darth Maul is a Hero (12).  The highest possible quality is Legendary (13) and that is reserved for only the truly exceptional like Yoda, Vader, and the Emporer.  That one lucky shot has made him an instant rising star in Dengar's crew. 


  1. Another good one! Love to see those toys in action!

  2. Very cool report. I wonder who wll prevail.