Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Darth Maul Returns - Episode 4

For the latest installment in the Darth Maul series, we opted to switch to Nick's action figures for testing the latest revision of our home brew rules.  The figures are great for these small scale skirmishes because you can get a lot of expression out of them.  All gamers should have kids so they can get away with playing with action figures!


  1. This is brill. Great use of Star Wars Figures. Shame I have two girls.

    I keep trying to persuade my eldest whose 3 that she will like 'Star Wars' but alas she wants an Ariel doll for Christmas

  2. Don't give up hope Brummie! My daughter does do some gaming, she is more particular but she does game. She will play D&D with miniatures, Lost Lands type Dinosaur games, Splintered Lands type stuff (Redwall-cute little animals etc..)
    Around 5 or 6 years or so, try doing some dinosaur adventures and sneaking a game system into it. I bet you get some gaming out of them.

  3. This is what gaming is all about - having fun! More please!

  4. Brilliant. I love skirmish is larger scales and like you say, you can really get some 'expression' out of 3/4 inch action figures.

  5. Brummie, check out www.heroup.com with her and resist the urge to play 'your' way. Might start towards the right path!

    I'm getting increasingly eager for some hard facts on this home-brew! Keep the reports coming!