Saturday, October 29, 2011

Good Games for Busy Gamers

I'm not dead, but pretty darned close to it!  I haven't posted since early September because I had a change in jobs and have been on a schedule from hell.  But rest assured I still get my gaming in.  Being on the ropes like this, I have been playing a lot of games that fall into the easy on the brain category.  Here is some of the stuff that I have found to be easy to play, but still a lot of fun.

First up is a game that my friend Chris has turned us on to.  It is called Crossfire, and is basically an infantry tactical game with no measuring and simple straightforward mechanics.  There are rules for vehicles and artillery etc.., but the game is all about infantry and their lot in life.  You can use any scale or basing of minis and jump right in, and it plays quite fast.  You can relax, play multiple games in an afternoon, and get some pretty interesting situations to ponder over.  I like it!
Your units operate in platoons made up of several squads plus leaders and attachments.  Here are a couple of platoons of my Russkies wading through a field under fire.
You move from terrain feature to terrain feature and enemy actions are triggered by line of sight.  This means no tape measure squabbling and quick movements about the table.

Initiative passes back and forth as units engage in combat and successfully or unsuccessfully hit each other, or become pinned, suppressed etc..  Both players will have dice in their hands most of the time and be in the thick of the action with not much waiting around for the other guy.  Pretty cool game!

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