Friday, March 4, 2011

Finally! my First Gladiators

I got Herrodadog into Gladiators but he has finished his before me.  Can't have that.  Soooo, I stayed up a bit later last night and tried to get some ready for the table this weekend.  Jil's Gladiators look so good that I am sort of embarassed to post these, but I have done much worse than this.

Alright Herrodadog!  You called down the Thunder, let's have a go then.
The beginning of my Gladiator Ludi.  Figures by Black Tree Design.
Ok, I just realized the pictures suck.  Waaaaay too little light.

In order to rush them out for the weekend I had to leave the shields unfinished.  Back to that on Monday.

I also screwed up my ink wash.  I had it really nice and then I went and shot gloss clear and then flat clear over.  Won't do that again.  It takes away the wash effect somewhat.

I really hate slotted bases.  I'm going to start copying Jil and snipping the puppies.

Ok.  Just in case he gets lucky, here is my second string waiting in the stands.

And if that fails, I got a couple more Gripping Beast Vikings ready to clean up.


  1. i know, right. they look great or do i have ta hit you upside the head with an axe, LTL Dad?

  2. Are you going a Viking on me? I knew those little guys were going to go to your head.

  3. I'd love to be there when you bring your second string out to play, LOL! Oh, and the paint jobs look fine to me.

    Say, how do you think Alexis would fare in your arena?

  4. Alexis could be a new move for my Gladiators. Throw her in the arena and whack the other guy while he's staring at the rack. But wait, my guy would probably be staring as well..

  5. Sweet as mate, they look like there going to cause a bit of trouble, so where are you hiding Theokolees??

  6. Extra, He's training my other Space Marines.

  7. Nicely done, not sure which would be worse to face against, the termies or the vikings?

  8. Great job - let the blood sports begin!

  9. There's nothing like buying new miniatures! Ordered some gladiator miniatures last week.

    RSBS-HOTA is a really good set of rules and just the right kind of game when you have almost no time for wargaming due to real life interfering. A little gladiator match can do no harm...

    Whiteface / Oliver

  10. Really nice work there but I cut the strips off and base my figures on coins, gives a better look.

  11. That's what Jil does as well, and I think I am about to start following the program too. If for no other reason than getting the extra weight.

    I think the washers look better too.