Friday, March 18, 2011

More Gladiator Goodness!

Herrodadog finally got his bad ass arena posted so I can post my game pics without stealing his thunder.  Here are some shots from our test play games when his arena was still at about 80%.  Go check out his site for a look at the finished project which is incredible.  It is a great balance of looks vs playability.
As usual we have jumped into the gladiator thing with both feet.  Javier got me interested in this and it took a while for us to clear the decks for this project, but it is all coming together now.  Gladiator games are great for quick and entertaining minis fun when you don't have all day.
Here are a couple of my first Gladiators sparring in the arena.

I really like some of the poses that Black Tree has.

Not having any gladiators of her own didn't stop my daughter from entering the arena.  My first batch of laddies look on from the stands.

Here is my entire staff to date, including my latest additions.  Ludus Bellator Reges looks on from the stands, ready to spar against the House of Franciscus. 

And here is the House of Franciscus.*boo-hiss*  Please note the unsavory and disgraceful employment of Goblin gladiators in his school.  Some guys simply have no honor!

The first match last weekend was between my wizened old Thracian named Akrisios, and one of Jil's heavies.

Experience triumphed as my old gray beard vanquished his foe.

So it is up into the box of honor for Akrisios!

And down into the dungeon of shame for Jil's laddie.

Next up was a match between a couple of Laquearii.  You can always tell the difference between Bellator Reges and House of Franciscus because my lads are always more colorful.  We like to look good for our fans!

And once again Bellator Reges is triumphant!  The crowd goes wild!  They start to throw gifts into the arena!

So another of my lads goes into the box of honor, and the vanquished is sent below.

The last match was between one of my Murmillo types and a Hoplomachi from the House Franciscus.

It would be no sweep for me as Jil's lad is triumphant!

Luckily for me, I outnumbered him in the box of honor and after the cameras stopped rolling we mugged him proper.

This is a picture to remind me of what happened for our campaign.  Todays winners on the top step, losers below.


  1. Very nice! Well painted figures and what a great arena! The lion worries me, though. It looks like it'll glow in the dark. Radioactive mutant lion - cool!

  2. We are going to play again this afternoon on the completed arena. I can't wait!

  3. I assume this is THW related? Are there rules for animals because, you know.... Awesome arena needs more blood!

  4. Love the appearance of your daughter's lion :)

  5. Macavity,
    We are actually playing a set of home brew rules that we like a lot. We've slowly been working on a system that we use for all periods with little tweaks.

    Thanks for stopping by everyone.

  6. Fantastic! Love it - very inspirational!

  7. Can you give me a brief description of the rules you made up? Thanks.

  8. Field Commander,
    Yes, but I can't do it right now because of time. Email me at and if I need a reminder just post on my latest blog entry. Sometimes I forget to check that email.