Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wings of War - Campaign Leader and Stat Boards

I'm trying out the new leader board system for our WoW campaigns.  I'm not too sure how this will work out on the blog but we shall see.  This is how we are planning to track the games.  Here is the current situation from Jil's German campaign we just started.
First is the daily status board which tracks information for the entire Jasta.  It runs a tally on types of missions flown, how many times the objective was met, how many kills and losses were score/incurred, and of course the squadron reputation.  In addition, it also tracks the current day and availability of new machines if any.

Next comes the leader board for the fighter pilots.  Keeps track of kills and availability of machines.  Pilots are dime a dozen, it's the machines that are gold.
The two seater board showing status and availability of those unsung heroes.  Since we decided to put the recon planes under player control this became necessary.
Ok, I'm probably being ridiculous, but I love to track the successful pilots to see what they've done and how far they go.  Jentsch is the only pilot with a kill so far and you can quickly see that his victim was an RE8 flown by Ferguson/Fry and that it was scored during a patrol mission.  Once a pilot becomes an ace, his newly acquired special attributes will be recorded here also.

While play testing the campaign we have evolved a lot of aspects but the record keeping is actually a lot of the fun in my opinion.  I think this is the only game I've ever said that about! 

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  1. I like the look of your boards and do not think you are being ridiculous at all. I love tracking how my figures are doing in games, recording their kills, etc. I used to do it with the cardboard counters when we played the old Avalon Hill game Air Force too. That was a fun game and I really could do with digging it out a bit more often. It is years since last I played it.