Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nuts! - On a New Table

I'm think I'm actually going Nuts!  Jil and I played a game a couple of months ago on his new bombed out town table and I totally forgot to post it.  All this stuff is home made by Jil (Herrodadog) and we are having a blast playing on it.  Some of these pics aren't so good, I'll try to really watch that in the future.  I'm about to take my new Tommies and Yanks for a spin tomorrow morning.
My German MG section (blurry at bottom left) at the top of the watch tower let's go on Jil's advancing Russkies.  It doesn't take long to get him pinned pretty good.
Several of his Comrades go down and the others head for cover.
More German riflemen sniping away at the scattered Russians.
The Russian squad ducked back in cover deciding how best to get out of this mess.  I love the trees.  Man these pictures are horrible!
A couple of blocks away, my German NCO and some of his hooligans open fire on some Russkies commanded by Nick that stick their noses out too far from the large reddish building across the way.
A Russian goes OOF and the others are convinced to get their heads down quickly.
Back over in Jil's world his Russians are still getting hammered.  Something must be done about that darned MG-42 in the tower, FAST!  There is nothing worse than an MG-42 with a clear field of fire..
Nick decides to try to shoot it out with my lads but gets the worst of the exchange.  My NCO is outgunning these BA rifles with his MP and they can't get the Maxim into action.
While my MG-42 is out of ammo, Jil starts to extract some revenge on my riflemen.
Now with a couple of SMG's in that building I won't be able to have my way anymore.
Nick decides that it is time to try a sneaky flank attack.
Nick sends a section to the right also.
And he's still getting pounded in the building.  That grizzled old veteran German NCO knows his business.
My MG-42 is back in action which means a tough afternoon for those Russians who just occupied the building across the street.
Jil decides it is time to bring up his own MG section but it is slow going with all the lead coming his way.
My German NCO is still dealing out destruction and he has yet to lose a single man.
The Russians still need to find a solution to my MG-42 section if they want to get anywhere today.  They may possibly have found it as Nick's sniper makes it to the top of the building and takes a peek.
The sniper misses!  But he makes the MG section duck back which is almost as good at the moment.
The sniper's fire attracts the attention of the alert German NCO who ends his hopes of glory with a well placed burst.
Nick's sniper did not die completely in vain.  The few moments that he forced my MG section to duck back gave Jil the opportunity he needed to get a drop on them.  When my gunner tried to resume shooting he was picked off from across the street by a wiley Russkie SMG'er.
My NCO's section is surgically taking Nick's center apart.  It is a charnel house in there now.
After the destruction of my MG section, the German resistance opposite of Jil is all but over now.
One of Jil's Russkies tries to bravely rush the building with a grenade to finish off the stunned and wounded Germans, but he fumbles the grenade!  Damned bad luck but at least his laddie goes prone and lives.
Jil is about to establish his MG section in the upper story of the building.  The Russkies have been taking heavy losses but it lookslike they are about to wrap up the German left.
Nicks Russians have given up on fighting from the building and are looking for a way to move around the flank.
Oh damn!  Now I get a bit of bad luck and a predator shows up out of thin air to vanquish one of my hold outs on the left.  Oh well, I guess you can't have all this shooting and killing and not expect to have a Predator or two show up for some hunting action.
Yep, it figures.  My boy lost the - from behind melee with the Preddie.
A couple of Nick's flanking Russians steady their nerves, ready a grenade, and rush my NCO's position!
But they lose their nerve real quick when the shooting starts!  They are actually darned lucky and survive.  They duck back and catch their breath.
Remember our hero with the fumbled grenade attack?  His luck ran out about now.  He goes OOF.
My NCO heads over to recover a hunkered down rifleman in the center.  Now his force is even stronger.
Nick has another go at trying a grenade assault but this time he gets whacked.

At this point the Russians decided to pull back and regroup for another try later.  While they managed to kill off about 5 German troopers on the left, the German right under the direction of that crafty NCO was rock solid.  The Russkies had already sustained pretty heavy casualties and needed a break.

We just played a game today with the Tommies vs. the Germans vs. the Zeds.  I'll try to post soon.


  1. Hahah! The Predator appearing out of nowhere? Priceless. Thanks for another fine game report.

  2. The Predator gag has become a regular random event on certain freakish die rolls in just about any game we play. The cool thing about him is he can instantly shake things up and ruin some plans like create a weak spot in someones defenses and force some new tactics.

  3. Love the Predator... :)

    Interesting batrep, and the pictures in my opinion are more than nice!

    thanks for sharing,

  4. The thing I love most about your batreps, Willy, is that you should always expect the unexpected! Who'd have guessed that a Predator would turn up in the middle of the battle? Inspired lunacy, my friend and great fun.