Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wings of War - Jil's Jasta Cont.

Jil's second Jasta campaign mission was another patrol.  For this patrol he selected three Fokker DR.I Triplanes.  The randomly generated enemy was a bit tougher this time however.  There was another RE8 which needed to fly to a spot on the board and perform it's recon duties and it was escorted by a Sopwith Snipe.  There also happened to be a lone French Spad out hunting the area.  He quickly sped in to join in the fun.  I just noticed that somehow I am missing half the mission on my camera.  This was big kids night out and we were drinking beer, maybe I just 'thought' I was taking pictures.
I've started the pictures as the aircraft have started concentrating.  You can see a couple of Jil's Triplanes in the distance.
The speedy Spad came tearing through very quickly to engage the Huns.
The Spad is a very fast airplane but it is unmaneuverable and clumsy in a dog fight compared to the DR. I
With six aircraft in the air you really have to be careful what you do or you will find yourself in someone's guns all the time.
The RE8 managed to achieve it's mission and it was time to go home.  The aerial melee continues.  Having two friendly fighters out there really help out a lot.
Kempf manages to put some hurt on the RE8 but it is still not going down!  The RE8 quit smoking a bit later.
 There was a point in the mission where I remember remarking to Jil that he might want to just cut his losses and abort.  His Triplanes were getting shot up pretty good and he still hadn't sent down any enemy aircraft.  He told me that he knew what he was doing and to shut up!  Ok, you want it that way bucco me laddie!
This is the sort of thing that can happen when you push the envelope!  I just wish the photo was better.  Drat!  Anyone, the moral of the story is not to drink and fly.  Or for that matter, not to drink and photograph.
And yet another fuzzy picture.  Ok, it has to be the beer.  On top of it we were drinking some nice stout German skunk beers.  Mmmmmmmm, skunk beer.  At this point another of Jil's triplanes went down in flames and he barely managed to escape with his last one.  This was a very costly mission for Jil in both machines and Rep points.  Remember kiddos, don't drink and fly!


  1. Great stuff again. I envy you the amount of gaming you are getting in. I understand about the photography. I usually start out well taking photos then get into the game and completely forget as the excitement ramps up.

  2. LT,

    All I can say is that for a neutral computer opponent counterpart, you sure handed my proverbial head to me. No more Triplanes, alas...

    I'm wondering what's in store for the rest of my squadron in the next round.