Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Modular Crypts

A while back I built an Egyptian Temple with the Hirst Arts molds.  I liked it a lot so I decided to start building some crypts.  I like the idea because they will multi-task pretty good, everything from fantasy to sci-fi.
I molded all the individual blocks from buff colored dental plaster and then sealed it with a water based clear coating.  Finally, I used brown gel-stain and wiped it off for the aged effect.  Considering I did this in a pretty big hurry with less care than I should have used, I still think they came out quite well.
Here's all the basic pieces I made for my "starter set".  I am now going to start making more detailed pieces to expand the crypts.
What I really like is the modular attribute.  You can make any shape or size dungeon that you like and can even keep the pieces off the table until the players can "see" the next section.
I love the small stonework in this room.  I will be doing more of this.
There are all kinds of fun little stones provided in the molds with designs to use in your models.
Another design.
Here is a torch corner which is the first of the detailed pieces I am planning to make.  The possibilities can be quite complex so I decided to start with the easiest stuff first.  I still need to paint the flames from the torches.
Hirst Arts has some really cool stuff if you do not mind taking a bit of time to cast and build it.  It is not hard to do, but you really need to not be in a hurry.


  1. Thanks for posting these pics, Willy. I am always interested in looking at other folk's scenery and I sure like what you've done here. The colouration works extremely well on these pieces. A great start and I shall be watching this thread with interest.

  2. All you need to complete an egyptian temple are some sci-fi corridors. I am not a big Stargate fan, but old egypt and sci-fi go very well together.

    Whiteface / Oliver

  3. I don't know how you made them, but I'm really impressed!

  4. Great pics. You have reminded me that I have a ton of blocks waiting to be put together and my basic set still needs painting. One day ... (along with all the other things!)

  5. LT,
    these would be great to use for space hulk. they look FANTABULOUS!! are you done yet? :D

  6. I agree with Herrodadog (that's definitely hard to write! :) )

  7. With the scope and possibilities of this Hirst Arts stuff, I will never be done!!!