Saturday, June 23, 2012

Desert Skirmish

Without a lot of time for gaming right now we are still playing a lot of board games and "out of the box" miniatures games to keep us going.  Here is a small desert skirmish using Axis & Allies minis as well as the new Angels 20 aircraft for props.  We like playing early North African games featuring the Italians vs. the Brits.  Very challenging and fun little games.  Here the Brits are trying to break through a thin Italian defense and exit off the far side of the map.  The battlefield is a bombed out airstrip. We play with FOW until the units are spotted by placing the units cards on the table with a cover over them.  FOW adds a lot to this game especially since the recon units can utilize their abilities better.

I like A&A because you can throw down some fast little games that are quite fun.
Herrodadog advances with plenty of recon units, the Italians draw first blood.

A couple of Semoventes providing the muscle for the Italian line.
George's Italian fighter providing some pesky air cover.
The Matildas are real beasts at this time, fortunately they are very slooooow.

Much of the British recon is already out of action and the fighter is still buzzing about, but those Matildas keep rolling.

They are pushing back everything in their path.

In the background George and Herrodadog are skirmishing in the town and my Semoventes are steadily firing and falling back.
George's Italians flanking the British advance.  One of the Matildas gets its track knocked out and is stuck.

The Italians are doing a pretty good job of delaying, but slowly the Brits are getting the upper hand in the infantry battle, and the remaining Matildas are still advancing as they wish.

But the British attack on the barracks has stalled.

Herro decides to slip over to the road with his Matties but finds quite a bit of remaining Italian resistance in the buildings.  Lots of close action now.

I've lost one of my Semmies, but the Brits lose another Matilda as well and now have no hope of continuing the thrust. The Italians carry the day!


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