Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finally some More 10mm Buildings

I got a little time off and decided to finish up a couple of smaller buildings to give some variety.  I think that soon I must come up with a foundation file to handle city blocks with rows of continuous smaller buildings and I need to get a good mix of different sizes.  I've added graffiti to these new buildings and I think it looks more realistic.  You can download these in pdf here:
I have two new buildings posted today, a drug store and an Italian Restaurant.  I was kind of hungry while working on these.

I really whipped these up fast.  Once I had them printed, it only took me about 10 minutes max to cut and glue them all up.


  1. Very nice. I take it you paint in the creases? Any chance of a little tutorial?

  2. Yes, I use a sharpie marker to black the creases before gluing. I made a tutorial a while back, you can check it here:


  3. pretty fricken suh-weet! so are we using these for the mechwarrior stuff?