Monday, January 25, 2010

ATZ Batrep - Take Back Time

After the failed discovery mission, the surviving members of Nick's gang came trailing back into camp with vengeance on their minds.  AJ was eaten but by the time everyone got back in, Nick managed to recruit another miscreant named AJ to take his place.  Brandon was infected but he hasn't turned and so he will continue on in the hopes of finding a cure.  Fat chance, but we can cap him anytime.  The gang decided to regroup and have another go at trying a Take Back mission in the morning.

Same lineup as before but with the addition of Evil Mom to the group.  In addition, some of the gangers are trying out different rigs.  We even have a Heroscape and D&D type figure on the table this time so you can see that we are not so particular around here.  Hey, they wanted swords, what could I do!?!?

On the first turn it immediately became apparent that the gang had already made an incredibly stupid mistake.  They split into two groups of three and fast moved onto the table with one group going into the gun shop, and the other into the Quickie Mart across the street.  This meant that as each group fired their weapons, they were generating Zeds into each others buildings!  After a good laugh at the stupidity, the gang decided to continue.  Gee wiz, this is so embarrassing I hate to post it, but we never post "fluff" so I have to do it.

Nick, Mom, and Gabe went into the Quickie Mart and found two Gangers and a bunch of Zeds.  Nick wanted to kill the Gangers and leave them to be feasted on but decided against it.  It turns out that maybe he was onto the right move.
On the other side of the street Dad, AJ, and Brandon burst into the gun shop to find it swarming with Zeds!

Both the groups in the gun shop and Quickie Mart (including the neutral Gangers) are mowing down Zeds but not shooting so well.  However, the noise is attracting plenty of Zeds at an alarming rate.

In the Quickie Mart the Zeds have been wiped out by the combined fire of both Ganger groups.

While in the gun shop the battle rages on.  Dad, AJ, and Brandon are not shooting well and there are also just a hell of a lot of Zeds.  And plenty more coming all the time.

Nick and the other Gang leader have a talk and it goes downhill fast.  I have no idea what Nick said to the guy, but he went for his gun.  But Nick was faster and down goes the Ganger!  Nick is becoming something of a fast draw expert it seems.  This is exactly what he did to poor Dad last month.

The remaining Ganger doesn't activate in time to defend himself and he stands no chance.  He goes down under the combined fire of Nick, Mom, and Gabe.

The other group is still blazing away but some of the Zeds will not stay down and others keep coming on.  There is a mob forming out front as well as out back.  The boys are getting nervous.

Quick, get up the stairs!  It's the only way out.

The overall situation after just a couple of activations:  CRITICAL
Right about now, Nick, Mom, and Gabe run out the back door of the Quickie Mart and leave the area, leaving the other group to it's fate.

Only one last thing to try.  Dad jumps through an upper story window and to the ground and AJ quickly follows.  They both make the jump ok.  Brandon finally decides to follow as he is all alone and he twists his ankle in the fall.  Lucky for him he still barely makes it off.

Well that was a total fiasco and we were darned lucky nobody got killed.  We learned that you NEVER run two groups 10 to 12" apart from each other in ATZ.  Really bad idea that one.
Another bit of bad luck for Dad.  He failed his failed mission roll and is now a Rep 4.  I think everyone is really mad now and I suspect that there will be one last try at a Take Back mission in this town.


  1. That was great fun to read but I bet it wasn't half as much fun to play. Still, we all learn from our mistakes - well, most of us do - and you got off lightly with no casualties. I'm noticing a trend in a lot of your batreps and that is when the going gets tough the best tactic is to leg it off the board as quickly as possible. Nothing wrong with that - he who runs away lives to fight another day. Still, bit of a bummer for Evil Dad dropping a Rep level.

  2. you were very lucky 4 u all to get away
    where can i get these rules in england
    and what size models are you using

  3. Its All Things Zombie.
    You can buy it from the source online at:

    I don't know if that is the cheapest way for getting it in England as it is shipped from Texas.

    - John Paul

  4. Zombie Hunter,
    Go to the places I hang out links on the right and get into the THW forum. It's a great place and you can get answers to everything there. Also I have a link to Two Hour Wargames on this page also, and I really recommend all Ed's rules. He has rules for all kinds of periods and what is nice is that they all use similiar mechanics so it is easy to play different games without hurting the brain. These rules once you get a few games under you are truly fast playing even with several players. I have been around a long time and I can tell you that truly fast play is rare and a real gem. In the past few months I have gone pretty much exclusively to THW rules for everything. And the last thing is they are very easily "tweakable" for your tastes without disrupting the rules. I simply love em.