Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Good Games for Busy Gamers 3

Here is another great little game that can be played in short sessions and is a lot of fun.  It is called "It is Warm Work".  It can be purchased at the pdf download sites and there is an active yahoo group. 
We play it on the cheap using old Pirates pocket models.  The great thing about this game is you can put 30 or 40 models on the table and finish a game in a couple of hours easily.  Even though it is simple to play, it provides for the main "flavor" items needed in any age of sail game.  Wind, tacking, wrecks and hulks etc. and the fighting power of the ships goes down as they take damage which is tracked on a simple record sheet that is easy on the eyes.
An important feature of this game is that record keeping is very minimal and very simple.  The thing about sail ship games is that there are a lot of great rules sets but they come in a wide variety of complexity.  Over time this set has become one of my favorites because I can get it out and start playing with very little prep.  Here are some pics from a recent game we played.


  1. It looks good. I used to like playing the original Man O war

  2. Thanks for the battle report. I did not know about these rules, but I was looking for something where I could play a fleet action with my Pirate of the Spanish Main ships, just like this. Went out and bought them yesterday. Hopefully I will give them a go soon.

  3. The rules have been updated and a newer version is available ay wargames vault for download. If you purchased the earlier version, the updated version is free.

    Same system, with better clarity and updated graphics. A scenario is alao included.