Friday, June 3, 2011

My New Blog

I finally decided to post another blog page to deal with our WoW campaigns.  Any of you flyers out there can check it out.


  1. For a monent there I thought you meant World of Warcraft! :)

  2. Very nice, but... we want more Sharp Practice!!

  3. I was thinking the same as Adam and wondering, "has Willy found a new interest?"

  4. Zombie Ad - NEVER!!! Heck, you scared me just mentioning it.

    Emilio - Patience patience! I'll tell you a big secret. I just had all those little guys out on the table for review the other night. I think the Marshals are getting ready to march!

    Vampifan - I find a new interest to do with gaming on a daily basis! Just like the other 99.9 % of gamer sickos! But WoW is by no means new. We are just finding even funner ways to play. We had 8 guys for the campaign start today and it was just incredible fun!