Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dabbling in Flames of War

Once again I'm behind on my posting but I have been gaming plenty.  This time it was my friend George who was nice enough to run a game of Flames of War for me.  All I had to do was play!  And life is good again..  Flames of War is one of the games I sort of missed out on.  Every time I saw it played there were wheel to wheel Tiger tanks and that sort of turned me off.  Playing this game with George turned out to be a lot of fun with reasonable forces on the table.  All in all the system is not perfect, but not bad at all.  Fairly smooth to run and easy to play.
Some of my Shermies making contact with the enemy.

I opted to go with an overload one flank strategy and here are my Stuarts and armored infantry making a break across the river.  Unfortunately I found some hidden AT guns which made mush of my Stuarts.

So things came to a screeching halt with my infantry bailing out and looking for cover.

Meanwhile, my Shermans were supporting this assault but there were lots of sneaky Krauts holding them up.  Note the Stugs hiding in the distance.

The overall situation.  Looks kinda bad.  And my artillery was not doing squat as usual.

George's Stugs just waiting for the right moment to counter attack.

I was really getting bogged down and the situation was getting worse by the die roll.

Then George started bringing his lads over from the non-engaged side.  Time for something drastic!

I finally opted for the all out assault with my Shermans driving straight into the buildings.  Those German infantry were really pissing me off and I figured if I couldn't hit them, maybe I could simply run the over.  Plus, if successful, this would give me the added bonus of getting his Stugs in a cross fire at close range.

Well what can I say!  I finally had a little luck.

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  1. Hah, good batrep. Your tank assault through a building surely took him by surprise.

    Whiteface / Oliver