Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Light Dragoons

A little squadron of light dragoons comes on the scene.  I did these right after a couple of French squadrons and I was on autopilot and painted the trumpeters in reverse facing colors.  I think I'll leave 'em and say the commander is of Norman ancestry.  The jackets look like they are in different colors because I took this in the dark.  I've got to get those lights up.  They're actually all dark blue.


  1. Just discovered you blog via your comment over on Mike's Leadpile
    Nice work on these cavalry. Are you working towards a particular project?

  2. Hi Donogh. No particular battle or anything, we are just doing a 1:1 scale "for fun" project.
    We just decided it would be cool to do a little of everything in this scale and to heck with trying to duplicate history exactly. We have the most realistic frontages and formations possible, but at the same time we might have unhistoric forces on the table at the same time.
    I think we just wanted to see what all the nationalities and troop types would like like in their correct formations. In other words, we're just nuts. But I will say that we've had more fun doing this than anything else we've ever tried.

  3. Sounds great actually. Zooming in this far though should free you of historical shackles anyway, as your troop mix could exist in most armies.
    The squadron looks fantastic, a realistic footprint - something I love about 6mm, but I've never taken it this far.
    Have fun!