Saturday, February 2, 2013

Back from AWOL.

Hi everyone, it has been too long.  I got a chance to kick around the house today for the first time in months and decided I would make it a priority to post to my blog.  I've been real busy with work and life's problems but am alive and well and I certainly have been gaming, just not blogging.  I think I've said before that a choice between gaming or blogging is no choice at all!

We are still going strong with the Commands & Colors game systems.  We love them all and game the hell out of them.  Of course we soup them up a bit as that is what we do best.  We also have some other great quick games that we continue to play, and it looks like we have finally found some great air combat rules and will be getting back into the cockpit very soon.  But that is another story for another day!

Command & Colors Ancients in miniature.
Every once in a while my boy decides to have another go at my Orks, and of course it goes badly.  I don't think he's ever beaten my BOYZ!  He complains that Orks shouldn't use strategy, but mine all have PHDs in Space Marine arse whooping.
Another Commands & Colors miniature conversion in progress.  We love these epic games with all the finger pointing and bickering.
We've been having a lot of fun with the Star Wars X-wing game.  This really is a great game and with my space mat and Jil's asteroids it is fantastic eye candy as well.

The asteroids really add a lot to this game.
We have been doing a lot of Memoir 44 miniature conversion games as well.

A Winter war scenario with the pesky Finnish ski troops.  These guys are real menaces.

One moment you think your safe, and then WHAMO, they sneak in and punch you up real good.

Soviet wave attacks.  We use anything we have at hand.  This Winter war stuff works real well with Soviet Flames of War basing vs individual Finnish basing.  Gives a great numerical effect.

Elite ski troopers lurking in the woods and the Soviets very much afraid to come out and play.

Attacks have a nasty habit of stalling if you don't have enough artillery support.
In one game the Soviets managed to break through and finally cause some mayhem.

I simply love board games that look like this!
Latest project was the old board game "Battle Cry" which is also a Command & Colors game system.  I like the game for a "quickie" but simply cannot abide those damned plastic pieces. So of course we converted it.

Now doesn't this look a lot better?

The miniatures are Oddzial 3mm from Poland.  Very fast to paint up with a light dry brush and a little decent flag work, and you are ready to go.

Very inexpensive setup, and the trees are just styrofoam shaved and painted.

I liked how this came out so much that I am doing some WW2 conversions this way for Memoir 44 as well.